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ML-50-W3BYF made in JAPAN

  • ML-50-W3BYF_1_products.png
  • ML-50-W3BYF_1_products.png
  • Pitch 10.16mm
  • 2-stage
  • PCB

Order model number

  • Order model numberML-50-W3BYF-20P
  • Order exampleML-50-W3BYF-20P

Flow process solder heat resistance

Pre Heat Temperature 100-140℃
Pre Heat Times 40 seconds
Solder Immersion Temperature 265±3℃
Soldering Times 10±1 seconds

Using a Soldering Iron

Tip Temperature 390±10℃
Tip Contact Times 5±1 seconds
Number of Times 2


  • ・Reflow process is not applicable.
  • ・Perform the second soldering with a soldering iron after the product has cooled sufficiently and returned to room temperature after the first soldering.
  • ・When using the product, we recommend that you check it according to the actual conditions of use. The above conditions have been confirmed by testing the product itself.
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