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ML-4500-CP made in JAPAN Discontinued product

Notice of discontinuation.

It will be discontinued from August 1, 2022. The final order date is July 29, 2022.

Notice of partial product discontinuation.

The 14P product was discontinued on September 1, 2013. Other products continue to be sold.

  • ML-4500-CP_1_products.png
  • ML-4500-CP_1_products.png
  • Pitch 5.08mm
  • Stranded wire and Solid wire
  • 2-pieces (Separate type)
  • Button lock mechanism

Order model number

  • Order model numberML-4500-CP-[Position]B
  • Order exampleML-4500-CP-2PB (An example of ordering with 2 positions.) 

Button color custom

We manufacture custom-made button color products that help prevent incorrect wiring and save labor in wiring work.
* The photo is ML-4500-CWSV.
  • W
    (Standard color)

  • GY

  • B

  • R

  • Y

  • G

  • BL

  • BR

Basic information

Rating 300V-10A
Insulation resistance DC500V、100MΩ Min
Withstand voltage AC2000V (1minute)
Certificates & Approvals UL (Approved for field wiring)・CSA (C-UL)・TÜV (Compliant with IEC61984)
Position 2、3、4、5
Check hole On side
Main insulator Nylon66 (UL94V-0)
Button insulator Nylon66 (UL94V-0)
Rating wire Solid wire : Φ1.2mm (AWG16)、Stranded wire : 1.25mm² (AWG16) Element wireΦ0.18mm Min
Wire range Solid wire : Φ0.4mm~Φ1.6mm (AWG26~AWG14)、Stranded wire : 0.2mm²~2.0mm² (AWG24~AWG14) Element wireΦ0.18mm Min
Wire strip length 10mm
Body color B (Black)
Button color W (White)、GY (Gray)、B (Black)、R (Red)、Y (Yellow)、G (Green)、BL (Blue)、BR (Brown)
Applicable tool for button Screw driver or others
Overview 1.It is a product only on the plug side of ML-4500-CWSH and ML-4500-CWSV.
Note 1.Fluororesin is applied to the buttons to facilitate the operation of the buttons. It may appear that white foreign matter has adhered due to the concentration and retention of this fluororesin in the concave parts of the button operation part, but there is no problem with the quality.
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