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TJ-200 made in JAPAN New product

  • TJ-200-B.png
  • TJ-200-R.png
  • TJ-200-B.png
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KISEKAE TIP Probe needle Built-in TJ-100

Order model number

  • Order model numberTJ-200-[Body color]
  • Order exampleTJ-200-R (An example of an order with a red color.)

Body color

  • B

  • R

Basic information

Rating 30V-2A
Insulation resistance DC500V、50MΩ Min
Withstand voltage AC500V (1minute)
Main Insulator Polystyrene
Body color B (Black)、R (Red)
Overview ➀It is a built-in product of probe needle and TJ-100 body.
②The tip can be exchanged for other attachments.
Note The tip is sharp, so be careful when handling it.
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