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TJ-3B made in JAPAN Partially discontinued

Notice of partial product discontinuation.

The 4.5 product was discontinued on April 1, 2016. Other products continue to be sold.

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  • TJ-3B_1_product.png

Order model number

  • Order model numberTJ-3B-[Terminal screw size (3、3.5、4)]
  • Order exampleTJ-3B-3 (An example of ordering with M3.)

Example of use

It can be used as a socket for the banana plug of TJ-3A by replacing it with the terminal screw of the terminal block.

Basic information

Mate TJ-3A
Overview It can be attached to the terminal block using M3, M3.5, and M4 terminal screw hole to receive the TJ-3A banana plug.
Note Terminal blocks using this product cannot retain the terminal block-specific ratings.
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