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F-850 made in JAPAN New

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  • Relay In-Line type

In Line Fuseholder Relay Φ5.2×20mm FUSE

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Mating fuse size


Basic information

Rating 250V-10A (Max 50V at outside of machine)
Insulation resistance DC500V、100MΩ Min
Withstand voltage AC2000V (1minute)
Main insulator Polypropylene (UL94V-0)
Terminal type Soldering
Rating wire 1.25mm² Max、Outer diameter 3.2mm Max
Body color GY (Gray)
Cautions ① Do not open the fuse holder while voltage is applied as there is a risk of electric shock.
② Do not deform the clip as it may cause unstable contact with the fuse and cause abnormal heat generation or fire.
③ Soldering work should be done so that flux does not adhere to the inside of the clip that contacts the fuse terminal. If it adheres, wipe off the flux with alcohol.
④ After soldering, assemble the fuse and fuse clip after the product has cooled sufficiently.
➄ Avoid using the product outdoors in direct sunlight.
⑥ Please be careful as the product may dissolve depending on the type of solvent or oil.
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