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ML-3161 made in JAPAN

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  • Pitch 10mm
  • Relay

Order model number

  • Order model numberML-3161-[Position]
  • Order exampleML-3161-2P (An example of ordering with 2 positions.) 

!Safety Precautions!

The bottom of this product is not covered with insulation, and the live metal part is a type of terminal block that can be seen from the bottom. Therefore,when mounting on a metal panel,a short circuit will occur unless insulation measures such as laying an insulator under this product are taken.

Basic information

Rating 250V-6A
Insulation resistance DC500V、100MΩ Min
Withstand voltage AC2000V (1minute)
Position 1~20
Main insulator Phenolic (UL94V-0)
Terminal screw M3×6 、Torque 0.5N・m MAX
Body color B (Black)
Installation Screw
Note 1.Since it is produced by cutting the main body, cutting processing marks (steps) remain on both ends or one side of the main body. 2.When tightening the terminal screw without connecting the electric wire, tighten it with a torque of 0.2 to 0.3 Nm.

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